Let's crank up the heat!

1. What if it is not just skewed but also have kurtosis issues ("fat tails" or "fat peaks")?

2. What if there are data that is bimodal (1D consideration) OR clustered (multidimensional)?

3. What if the 0-10 scale decorrelates between nations with different languages?

4. How can the Happiness-Suicide paradox be solved? (throw in Inequality and HDI as well for fun)

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Feb 20Liked by Alexander de Vries

Great read! I'm mostly stunned by the numbers you shared on the distribution of wealth in the US. I wonder how the situation is in Europe. Probably not much better. I strongly believe this is what corrupts politics and the world. I wonder what your thoughts are on this.

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Feb 18Liked by Alexander de Vries

A good read as usual.

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